sick day(s)

Heh…funny that the first thing I have to post about is NOT riding. I’m sick. Congested. Coughing. Hatin’ it. Fuzzy headed from many Benadryls. Ugh.

I almost never get sick.

Coming up this weekend is a work party at Chicopee Trails, which is my local haunt. It’s a beautiful trail system, most of which is rated intermediate, but as far as I am concerned it’s pretty high level. Loads of white knuckle downhill switchbacks and no slacking on the climbs either. They are going to be working on finishing a new -beginner- trail so that future work can focus on an -advanced loop-.

map of chicopee trails

Maybe I’ll make it out to the work party. Maybe.


2 thoughts on “sick day(s)

  1. Bobble, Glad to see that you are riding a bike. Nicole and I ride ours in NYC. Nicole rides to the subway everyday. But I bet the air down in GA is better than NYC. What hurts more, falling on dirt or asphault? That trail looks like tons of fun. For my 30th birthday I biked around the island of Manhattan with Nicole. I never knew how beautiful it can be on this island, at least on the northern tip of it.

    Keep on Bikin’ and Bloogin’!

  2. robertashton says:

    asphalt is WAAAY more harsh to wreck on than dirt.

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