NJ quick release silliness + ride review

First off, did you know that the state of New Jersey is trying to pass PASSED legislation that would prevent big box retailers from selling bikes that are equipped with quick release wheel skewers? Ridiculous but true. (Read about it here). Secondary safety with quick releases is nothing new though. Waaaay back when I worked at a shop, we used to build bikes all the time that had a secondary safety mechanism that worked in conjunction with the quick release on a lot of lower end adult bikes. The way it worked was, there were some small metal plates about 3.5″ long and .75″ wide that were drilled at one end to fit around the part of the axle that rested against the inner edge of the fork drop outs. These plates ran up the inside of the fork leg. At the top of the metal plate was another hole, which fit over a screw that was tapped into the inner edge of the fork leg. My description makes it sound a lot worse than it actually was. When using this system, you could still remove the wheel with no tools, but if your quick release was not tightened correctly, and you lifted the front of the bike off the ground, the wheel would not fall off.

That being said, I was glad to see them discontinued, but it looks like some folks will be seeing them again. One more reason to buy your bikefrom a bike shop and not from a big box.


Riding today was excellent. Started off this morning with a slow 10 miler at Suwanee Greenway, listening to dub reggae the whole way. The Greenway was absolutely packed with folks absorbing the unbelievable fall-like weather. I’m gonna be honest with you…I used the Incredi-bell a lot to let people know I was coming, but at least twice I rang the darn thing just cause I was freakin happy. Seriously. It was that kind of ride. It was also a great way to get a little time in on my recently installed SPD/clipess pedals, since I haven’t used clipless for over 10 years. They worked great on the Greenway, which is a very tame public path.

shimano spd pedals

Later in the evening , I headed over to Gainesville College Trail for a quick 4-miler. The weather was just too good good to stay in. Only saw two other riders on this trip, which was probably due to it being so late in the day. GCT is my usual haunt for daily rides, so I figured it was the next logical place to log time with the SPD’s. I actually came out of the pedals twice during the ride, both times just after -preloading- for a small jump. After I came out of the pedals, I was hyper-aware of any side to side motion my feet were making in the clips. This isn’t the fault of the pedals or shoes at all, it’s just my lack of seat time using the system. A few more rides and I doubt there will be any problems.

Overall, a great day of casual slow speed riding, and I was gad to get a ride in using the mp3 player since I haven’t done that in over a month.


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