fall weather = great riding

Had a SPLENDID day riding Gainesville College Trail with G-Dub yesterday. Perfect riding weather! To maximize the enjoyment factor, we decided to take 3 passes at the trail instead of our regular 2, and also to add this short extension we found last time we rode there. Normally if you enter from the top of the trail, you end up having to ride back to the parking lot via a grind of a climb, on asphalt, but the little extension we found allows you to stay in the woods for that climb back, which makes it a little more fun. I also stopped at a certain point to clear away a tree that had fallen across the trail in such a way that you had to duck under it. After cracking my head at Issaqueena Trails a few weeks ago, I am not very tolerant of having to duck under hazards.

After getting home, we looked into the upcoming Tumbling Creek MTB Race which is coming up Oct 27/28 at GCT. I was toying with the idea of MAYBE entering the beginner class if they had one. Looks like this year the race is going to be a 6 hour endurance event, which is not something I am very familiar with. You can enter solo, or as a team of two or three.  Usually, I average about 23 mins per single pass on that trail, so the quick math says that I would make nine trips to complete my portion of the load if I enter with G-Dub.  No hard decision has been made as to whether we are gonna give it a try or not, but it could happen. The neat thing about an endurance event seems to be that it is more about you against yourself than you against other competitors. It would be for me at least. To just FINISH would be an incredible accomplishment. Updates to follow…


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