envelope pushing humilty and pic post

Pics of the helmet I was wearing when I landed in the swamptron. Everything
else I had on had the same amount of swampmud on. Gross.Dunno if you can
tell or not, but there are leaves crusted on the inside portion. Always wear
your helmet. Srsly.

In this pic I am lifting up my arm as far as I can as of this morning, which is
actually a pretty nice improvement. Yesterday I was able to get my hand up onto
he bike grip under it’s own power, and do some pedaling around the hood. Rode
SLOWLY AND CAREFULLY for about an hour, in ultra low gear. Can’t stand
up and pedal yet, and I can’t hit any major bumps or go up and down curbs. Flat
and straight is about al I can handle at this point. Wanted to get out and ride though,
so the legs continue to get work.

Andy helps me feel better. We’re buddies



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