just an observation

Performance Bicycle catalogs are the
AOL FREE TRIAL cd of the bicycling world.


I ‘ m   j u s t   s a y i n . . .

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3 thoughts on “just an observation

  1. theothergraham says:

    Seriously. Every time I get one I think, “how about you guys stop sending me these things and just give me store credit for all the money you just saved for the year.” They send me emails all the time too, but I have a filter to deal with that.

  2. Jim Paul says:

    Hey, not only that, but in Texas, if a shop is actually in the state, you have to pay SALES TAX on whatever you buy! EVEN ONLINE! So I go to the store, then buy whatever I like through Pricepoint. Or some other store that’s actually online. I like a physical store just to check sizes and fits, but it’s just too much cash involved buying from the store.

  3. robertashton says:

    the one upside with Performance is that you get “Performance bucks” or whatever they are called…I jjust got a new bike so I got 10% of the price back to spend on accesories.

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