somewhat urban

Got in about 15 miles of “somewhat urban” riding today. I say somewhat, because Gainesville GA isn’t exactly a sprawling metropolis.

Mainly, I wanted to check out this train crossing a few miles from here that is always super busy. I love trains, and the closer I can get to them the better. When I got down there I realized that it was acually a small switching facility with a few sidings and a bunch of locomotives that are housed there as workhorses. I also saw the tail end of an Amtrak which I believe connects with Clemson and points north.

I’m really dying to know just what the fascination is, here in the south, with yelling out the window of your car truck at anyone on a bike. It happened to me twice today. I almost NEVER experienced this when riding in the northeast. I couldn’t help but think it is a phenomenah that ranks right up there with the compulsion to jump on the beds when you check into a hotel.

Riding the full suspension in the urban environment is a mixed reward. I’d really like to strictly use the new bike on dirt, but I am trying to log miles on it however I can so hat I can get to the point where I really -know- the bike, and handling it will become instinctual. Flip flopping back and forth between bikes is counterproductive to this for me right now.

One other note. I was actually -almost- able to bunnyhop today, and manages to jump a little bit off some curbs. The downside is, I still have no stregth in my hurt arm, so everytime I’d pull up on the bike, it would pull more on the right than the left. Still a ways to go before I am healed and back to burn.


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