small step back to normal

Headed over to Chicopee to give the outer loop my first attempt since the injury, and also my first trip there on the new bike. Before the ride, I -fixed- this problem that my bike has had with squeeking whenever the rear shock compresses…put just a little lube in the joints where the shock connects to the linkage and the frame…problem solved!

The ride went fairly well. Slow, but thats what I expected. On the downside I did have two dabs and also walked a downhill section that is paved with chunky rocks. On the upside, I made both of the clmbs I usually have to get off and walk on!

My overall impression -so far- of riding with full suspension, is that it gives me a net energy savings per ride compared to the Talera which is rigid back and front. On the Talera, I spent a huge amount of energy soaking up every single rut androot and bump i the trail with my body, while on the full suspension most of the small stuff just gets ridden over without even tensing up. The forks are still a problem. They are so lightly sprung that when my fat butt gets on the bike, they sag so much that I only have about an inch of travel. It’s like -almost- having suspension, because when I really need it do absorb something big, it just bottoms out. Oh well. Even though the ride was slow, it was great fun and I am glad to have taken it on.

Time Moving: 57min 18sec
Distance: 6.94mi
Avg Speed: 7.2
Max speed: 19.6
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