Gainesville scoot: ride report

Had a blast scooting around Gainesville tonight, after bashing my head against the computer trying to learn javascript. I took off in my usual direction, and before I left I attached the new blinking safety light I got onto my bike bag. Once I got into the industrial area I took a new route, which ended up dumping me out on Queen City Parkway after passing through chicken guts alley. Chicken guts alley is what I call the road that runs between two massive poultry processing plants. It is SO disgusting…the smell. Heading that way really just ended up bringing me back to my usual loop though, which was fine with me. The safety light REALLY seemed to help. I didn’t get yelled at by ANY cars.

On the way nback into town I scoped out some natural terrain for doing some tricks off off…a few places to practice drop off jumps and a neat concrete slant near the car wash which I sessioned for a while. When I say sessioned, I mean in the limited capacity that I can session given that my arm is still injured. After the car wash I hit the parking garage…easy climb to the top, fun wooosh back down. On the way back to the apartment, I hit this buildin that is constructed with walls that are just BEGGING to be wall ridden. The are slanted just enough to pull it off. I got my front tire up on there and decided it was a feat for another day. Two more rides to go this weekend, so I figure I’d better not break my neck trying silly stuff tonight.

 stats for the urban scoot session:
time moving: 54min 39sec
distance: 8.77mile 
average speed: 9.6mph
max speed: 25.4mph 

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