fantastic voyage and/or crosstown traffic

Headed into Atlanta to sync up with Graham and Erlene to log seat time. The tone of the ride was slated to be pretty casual since Erlene is just now starting to explore biking. I was up at 7am to make the trek in. Graham had borrowed a wicked old school Cannondale with friction shifters on the downtube for Erlene to try, but I got to ride it from Grahams to her hut.

oldschool cannondale

How about that cool bar tape? This was such a fun bike to ride even though the brakes had a lot to be desired compared to current technology. Once we got to E’s hut, I swapped bikes with her (she had Grahams other bike, a Novara Express with flat bars which I have used a zillion times before), and we hit Piedmont Park. E had the high pimp factor red wayfarers…real deal Ray-Bans not knock offs. Ballsy eyewear color choice award of the day!

g + e

Loopdey looped the park for a while, and marveled at the feng shui touch the porto potties added to the landsape. Team Happy Can!

happy can!

After rolling through pretty much every loop in the park two or three times, we decided to head out onto the actual streets. The bike path through Freedom Parkway seemed like a practical destination so thats where we pointed. Stopped by Atlanta Pro Bicycle for a hot second on the way there. Then we passed this beacon of style. Bask in it’s American Made glory and let your eyes be caressed with it’s siren-like appeal>


Hit the path, then left the path and sort of wanderlusted in the general direction we wanted to go, which we were hoping would eventually dump us on the other side of path. This was where the ride started to get really fun. We pushed on, and eventually while riding up a side street I found this perfectly good brand spankin new ATL 59fifty hat just sitting by the side of the road. I would never buy something like this, but -finding- one gives me license to run it since it has a great story to go with it. SCORE! The bonus plan was now in effect.


Then we passed some ramps right off the path. Unfortunately no one was session, and there was nothing I could do on them with a road bike.


At some point we decided to head to someones hut where E had left her phonetron so we pushed on down the path in that direction. Crossing Moreland we ran into some crazies. They must have gotten lost on the way to the Bill Maher show…>

911 protestors

The path continued to be interesting. Here is a composite of some -sidewalk grafitti poetry-, which makes no sense to me, but I grabbed a pic anyway since someone took the time and effort to stencil it and all. They need to keep practicing with the fridge magnets imo>

sidewalk poetry

…and then we came upon this much more concise, thought provoking, high concept version of sidewalk graf, which is miles more poetic than that other pretentious drivel.>

meth gets in the way


Perfect. We pushed on, retrieved the telecom device, then started heading back to E’s hut. Along the way we passed a relic from my childhood. A perfectly good (sike!) Huffy Pro Thunder just sitting by the side of the road.


I was scoping it out when someone from the house it was n front of came out (with beer in hand) and said I could have it if wanted! I almost went back for it, but…no.

Eventually we ended up back at E’s to drop her of, then Graham and I hoofed it back to his hut. By this point we were feelin a little tired, and some of the climbs on the way back were just WALLS. Ugh. But we made it. All told, we did about 35 miles. It’s so easy to log mileage when you are riding wih friends because you chit chat and such along the way and the road just goes by underneath you.

After changing clothes Graham and I hit some cantina in East Atlanta for food particles before heading over to the SOPO bike shop so they could take a lok at some forks he needs rethreaded for his fivxie project. SOPO was absolutely packed which was great to see. You have to be inspired by an all volunteer bike shop that sees it’s role as a service to the community rather than a money making venture. If I lived intown I would volunteer some wrench time.

Then we headed over to grab E and went bike shopping. While we were out we also stopped by REI, and I was suprised to find that they had a perfec Rock Shox aftermarket fork for my Mongoose, for under $300! In fact they had more aftermarket forks than any proper bike shop I have been to yet. Huh? No really!

Capped the night with beers and convo at the Universal Joint. All in all it was a perfect ride and a perfect day. Can’t wait to sync up with my intown crew (team happy can?) again for more adventures and shenanigans.

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5 thoughts on “fantastic voyage and/or crosstown traffic

  1. theothergraham says:

    is that a comet or an asteroid or a UFO behind the 911 truth people?

    the truth is out there!

  2. robertashton says:

    i was wondering about that myself

  3. erlene says:

    Team Happy Can should reconvene. Sunday afternoon maybe?

  4. robertashton says:

    i’ll try to recruit ol G-Dub (Greg) too…he has a Cannondale like the one you are riding but a little newer.

    tentatively it is ON

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