chicopee snaps

After the lengthy road ride on Saturday in Atlanta, it was nice to get back to the woods Sunday with my buddy Mershon. We did the outer loop, with the red trail extension. It was Mershons first time at Chicopee. Here he is flashing some kind of Smyrna gang sign before he finds out why they call it “ChamPAIN hill” (note the Band Aid on the sign).

mersh sign

On the red trail, smack in the middle of a climb section, this stick got jammed in between my frame and the granny gear. At first it was so long I was able to grab it while I was still moving and try to yank it out, but THAT didn’t work.

chain stick

Thankfully I was able to remove it without bending the sprocket. At some point during the ride my computer a stopped working also, and it took detaching it from the handlebar mount and reattaching it to get it to start again. Strange.

Overall it was great way to cap a weekend of beautiful riding weather and Mershon had a blast on the Chicopee chutes and ladders routine. He freakin KILLED it on the downhill sections…the boy is FAST.

I’ll be glad to play trail guide whenever YOU want to come out and give off roading a try! Just lemme know…


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