It’s ON!

G-Dub, Mershon and I are confirmed as Team 20HzCartel to compete in the Tumbling Creek Mountain Bike Rumble endurance race! We hemmed and hawed about entering due to my arm injury, and finally decided tonight that we are gonna go for it. Tomorrow is the cut off for pre-race registration. The race is a 6 hour endurance event which looks like a bit more fun than a standard race, and honestly, it will be a new experience for all of us. I dunno if you are allowed to bring beer or not, but we’re gonna. There is no way we are gonna win…so the object is to -finish respectfully- and have a blast doing it. By have a last I mean NOT WRECK. The race is at Gainesville College Trail, which me Greg andI know fairly well (and is the site where I injured my arm), so at least we have familiarity on our side. Who wants to come be part of our pit crew?


2 thoughts on “It’s ON!

  1. theothergraham says:

    The mountain biking team should be the 20Hurts Cartel

  2. robertashton says:


    man I hope I don’t wreck any more this year

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