Gainesville GA street sessions

greg dropSince the Tumbling Creek race, I haven’t done any trail riding at all. Instead, we have been heading out around Gainesville trying to find any urban/industrial infrasructure we can pop a quick jump or drop off of. Drops are plentiful, and not very good for my (still) injured arm, but they are soooo much fun. Little by litle we are ratcheting up the height/danger level with the drops, and there are a few places on our session loop that I have to drop off the side of a wall instead of straight off a ledge. As far as jumps, there are a few that pop you up in the air with min imal effort, but traffic has not permitted doing them with any kind of speed yet.

I’ve also been rediscovering the simple pleasure of a good old fashioned long smooth wheelie! I can hold em pretty much as long as I want on flats or uphills, but downhill gets a little sketchy. I’d like t be able to coast wheelies downhill and just feather the brakes, bt feathering is damn near impossible with hydraulic/discs.

Two things I am finding frustrating: bunnyhoping and manuals. I don’t need to do any kind of massive bunnyhops, but if I could consistently get enough height to clear standard curbs, a whole world of new lines would open up. As for manuals, well, once you get those you just want to manual anything…hell just going straight down the street with a nice controlled manual feels better than best extra super secks.

photo: G-Dub clipped in dropping a ledge about twice the size of a regular curb in the Gainesville “Loan” district.

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