it’s smarta (but the driver is dumba)

My usual warm-weather ride goes something like this:

  • Mile 1-5: feeling okay
  • Mile 5-7: feeling kinda crappy
  • Mile 7+: feeling good

That makes riding to work (approx 5.5 miles) kind of blah, because I’m getting there before I get over the hump and start to really enjoy my ride. The cold weather is making Mile 1-5 kind of crappy, too, as it takes my lungs some time to adjust, and I do some serious huffing and puffing for a bit.

My ride home today got bonus crap as a MARTA bus pulled out straight at me, and then a car did the same thing a few blocks later. I swear in all my riding around Atlanta, a full 50% of near collisions I have with vehicles are the goddamn MARTA buses. HATE


One thought on “it’s smarta (but the driver is dumba)

  1. robertashton says:

    i’m big upping you for riding to work. Today on my way back from Gainesville, I started to entertain the idea of biking to school next quarter, but morning drivers and no shoulders on the roads just makes it a bad idea. Also, my books weigh close to 30lbs…

    Approx 1/3 mile of the route to school is bike lane, the rest is suicide.

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