Jammin JMC

jmc bmx bike

Tons of classic parts on this custom JMC from way back. JMC was one of the first manufacturers to use ovalized tubing (downtube and forks) and a top tube perced by the seat tube, which would later be copied by GT. This particular example is running Araya 7x rims laced up with Bullseye hubs. You can tell they are Bullseye from the trademark allen head bolts in place of regular axle nuts. Also of note are the Maxy Cross cranks, which were incredibly light, but had an extremely easy to toast the left hand crank arm. The bike really shows it’s age when you spy the KKT Lightning pedals, which were what everyone was running until Shimano came out with the mighty DX. I can’t quite ID that stem, but the squared off back end means it probably isn’t a Tuff Neck or Pro Neck, and it’s too large to be a DK. Another classic item on this bike is the Dia Compe 2 finger brake lever and MX 900 rear brake. The MX 900/1000 was the dominant brake for ages because of it’s quick release mechanism for removing a wheel without removing a brake shoe, and it’s unique barrel adjuster mechanism. Also from Dia Compe is the hinged seat clamp. The seat and seatpost on this bike are noteable because like the infamous Uni Seat, it is a one piece unit. I can’t exactly remember the manufacturer of this combo, but I am tempted to say tha Kashimax tried to market this post/seat combo as a follow up to the awesome Aero seat that was wildly popular.

JMC’s big pro was Scary Harry Leary before he headed over to Diamond Back, where he stayed for most of his BMX career.

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