cold weather riding pt 2

I found the hot tip on cold weather leg wear that won’t make you look like a full on squid. Hunting thermals. I headed over to the big box retailer everyone hates to see if I could snag some standard black “long johns”, but they only had off white ones in my size. Since I was already there, I figured I’d check out the hunting dept just to see if they had any better colors. Turns out they had some wicked thermals from a company called Rocky, which are sort of like a cross between regular thermals and full leg lycra, with moisture wicking as a bonus. The material is awesome, stretchy, and conforms to the shape of your leg with enough tightness to not snag on your sprocket, but not so tight that it looks painted on. Although they feel more cottony than lycra, they are still thin enough that you want to wear a pair of shorts over them.  They make different colors but only had brown ones in stock.

No one should ever ride a mountain bike in just full leg lycra w/o shorts over top, unless you are Robin Freakin Hood or something. For some reason I have no problem with folks running them on a road bike though. Aerodynamics and all that I ‘spose.

rocky logo


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