cold weather riding

I’m trying to figure out what I can use instead of full leg lycra for cold weather riding. I’m not against running full leg lycra, although I personally would run a pair of shorts over them. I am against paying the high price for a pair though. Maybe I’ll just try and run a pair of black thermals w. shorts if I can find any. Usually on winter rides, it isn’t so much my legs that get cold as it is my toes, fingertips and face. YES, I have and will run the full ski mask to ride in. Gotta be careful doing that this year because someone might think I am a bicycle terrorist or something.

I’ve really taken this whole week off from riding due to being burned out on thinking about biking all the time. Had to focus on some other things. Tomorrow morning me and G-Dub are gonna take a final ride together at Central Park before he heads off to Colorado. Next week I buckle down physically and mentally for some very structured winter solo riding, with weight loss as the goal. I’m looking forward to being back on that progam.


One thought on “cold weather riding

  1. Ski Board Mi says:

    LOL, it’s funny you’d mention the bike terrorist thing, I was wearing a full mask on a bike riding around downtown last week and someone actually stopped me and asked where i was going what i was doing. Apparently ski masks aren’t allowed to keep your face warm while riding anymore!

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