The Fooj

After getting fed up with the Rapido, I was on the hunt for a new frame. I wasn’t excited about the cost of a new frame, and really wanted a conversion of a road frame as opposed to getting a track frame. It’s not easy to find a new frame with horizontal dropouts that isn’t a track frame.

This old Fuji popped up on craigslist, and I sprang. It’s in very good condition, especially for being nearly 30 years old (it’s a 1979). I don’t think it was ridden much. I’m sure some folks would be mortified at my stripping it down to make it a fixie, but I’m keeping all the original parts so that it can be rebuilt as stock later.

I tuned it up a little yesterday and took it for a ride. The steel frame is a joy to ride, though the sizing is not what I’m used to, coming off my modern racing bike (which I don’t race but I’m very comfortable on). The stand-over height is perfect for me, but the top tube is short, yielding “a more upright riding position” (read: “Graham scrunched up”). We’ll see how it feels with my bullhorns on there, the stem lower, and a new seat on there and slid back a bit.

Click the pic for more.

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One thought on “The Fooj

  1. craigdurkee says:

    cant wait to see what you end up doing with her, love the process of seeing a bike evolve into something truely funky

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