Friday, to break the monotony of going back again and again for tasty Thanksgiving leftovers, I headed out to Chicopee. Slow ride…lots of leaves.

Saturday I headed into ATL to sync up with rideBikes contributor Graham. We wanted to do a bit of riding but not anything to crazy, so we opted to check out Arabia Mountain Trail. It was a good choice for the kind of ride we were up for. The trail is paved the entire way, but has loads of turns, bridges and natural wonderment to keep you awake, and fool you into thinking you are further from the city than you really are. We knocked off about 15 miles then packed it in.

Next up we headed to Atlanta Cycling so I could spend some gift cards from the Tumbling Creek race. It’s hard to shop for stuff when you don’t really -need- anything. I ended up getting a chain tool, a shock pump, a bottle cage, and a few more gel packs for the ol collection, incuding another “Plain” flavored one. Neither of us were brave enough to try the “Plain” one yet.

Since I had a good time on Ye Ol Talera Saturday, Sunday I decided to give it some love by way of installing some accessories. A buddy of mine sent a cool Co2 pump that I did not know was ALSO a regular hand pump til today when I installed it. Big Ups Skip / Cycle Sonic!

pump extended

Thats a pic with the pump extended. It also takes both threaded and non threaded 16gram cartridges. This was a perfect choice for the Talera since I am outfitting it as my utility/all around beater bike…it’ll have all the gadgets eventually. I -finally- have a water bottle+cage on it too. I’m notorious for never having hydration on rides, til now.

pump installed

I’f I’d have ben thinking at Atlanta Cycling, I might have asked about rear racks since I’d like to have one of those eventually. The Talera could end up being the bike I take on my ride to Baltimore…ou know, the one that is still in my imagination but COULD happen one day.

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