Low Budget Soul Rider creates Frankenbike

Low Budget Soul Rider was the name of a loose crew of riders I used to hang with back in Baltimore. The name pretty much explains it all. I’m LBSR for life, seen?

Today my Peugeot morphed into the Frankenbike. As I reported yesterday, the goal was to get the thing as close to a fixed gear as possible so I could scoot around on it a bit and see how much priority I wanted to give ordering wheels and cranks for it. I went ahead and just got a second cheapo tire for it to match the one I got yesterday. Since I had to pull the rear whel I figured you would like to see the Maillard Helico-Matic hub (France).

You don’t need any kind of special tool to remove the thing, just take off the outer lock ring and the freewheel pretty much falls off right onto your hand. Wild stuff from wayback. Next I removed the derailluer and shortened the chain. I set it up with 42/17 gearing, which is not very tough for most people, but will take me a while to get on top of. Next up I had to finish my ghetto-tastic low budget brake set-up. After fooling around with a few diferent variations on how to run the cable I settled on a risky -under the bar tape- deal, which included a sharp U bend right at the lever hood. I wasn’t too concerned about the sharp bend though, because I had to deal with situations like that everytime I set up a BMX bike with a Potts Modification (the hollow stem bolt that the cable goes through), and I always got them to work just fine.

Check out that old school Weinman center pull brake! They work great. In fact, if here is a weak link in the brake set up at all, it isn’t the tight curves of the cable or the ancient technology of the Weinmans, it’s the brake shoes. I’ll upgrade those soon.

The next hurdle was taping the bars. Fortunately, the Profile bar tape I got did not have adhesive on it, so I would have been able to play around with how to tape the unorthodox brake lever set up, but it actually came together on my first try. I’m really happy with how this came out. It could have been a disaster, but this is pretty clean.

So, at this point it is set up enough for me to log some miles and see what I am going to do about committing to a wheel set and some cranks.

One of the cool things about the way this turned out, is that with the cheapo soft 27X1 1/4 tires and 36 spoke wheels, I can take this thing to Suwanee Greenway and not have to worry about the dirt and gravel sections because Frankenbike will not be phased! I did notice that the pedals are badly bent, but it will still be fine for getting a feel for what it will be like to have just one gear.

Tooling around on it up and down the driveway and out onto the hill in front of my hut, I can already tell that it is going to be neat to adapt to a whole different type of riding. I also know that the hills are going to kill me. It’s geared pretty low compared to what a lot of people run, and the short top tube/stem make getting up out of the seat and over the front to climb feel a little sketchy, but I’ll tune into it more over time. I work with the bike, and don’t expect it to do the riding for me.

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5 thoughts on “Low Budget Soul Rider creates Frankenbike

  1. brkeyes7 says:

    Looks very cool! I’ve got an old Fuji that I’m almost done building back up as a SS’er. I think my Fuji has the same brake levers.

  2. robertashton says:


  3. chris gross says:

    i really like “low budget soul rider creates frankenbike” a lot. 🙂

  4. LBSR4lif says:


    LBSR still lives on, but we have gotten to old, and banged up to ride anymore. Low Budget Soul Riders, has morphed into Low Budget Street Racin, and the addy for our site is above.

    Its good to see some of the old pics you have, and some of the stuff from the bowl. The bowl in Lansdowne is now closed to bikes. It was recently refurbished with a ramp park, and all, but is for skateboards only.

    Take it light, and damn the internet makes this a small world……

    LBSR 4 LIFE !!

  5. Aaron says:

    I have the exact same bike, its grey. Did you use the stock bars to do the upturn bars? I want to do a flip flop hub on mine, do you know of anyone who sells parts that fit these bikes? I like the helical hub!

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