After dealing with the lengthy line at the post office today, I headed out to good ol Suwanee Greenway to log a bit of pedaling. The temp: 38degrees fahrenheit. No problem, cold isn’t too big a problem as long as there is not a lot of wind. While gearing up, I tried to get the ol MP3 player going, but the battery was dead, and the spare was dead too. Ugh…time for a quiet ride. Headed out and it was a decent ride, except that I was wearing jeans, which always makes my leg movement feel so restricted. This, in conjunction with having more of a gut than anyone ever should, contributed to some bad form. My knees were going outward at the tops of the pedal strokes, which is inefficient and also feels kind of wonky. It makes the bike sway back and forth and wastes energy. I was on Ye Ol Talera, so it wasn’t like I as crunched up with the seat to low or anything.  I pushed through the ride regardless, and noticed that I was pushing a bit of a taller gar than I usually do on the flats. Maybe that is something I will start to see a lot of since I am logging time on my fixie as well. Unfortunately, I didnot get to take the extension trail because it was still muddy from recent rain, but the regular out and back was tough enough, considering I had to sort of -talk myself into riding- at all. The hardest part is getting started sometimes. It irks me to no end that I have to drive 13 miles to do a 9 mile ride.

I’m still glad I went though.  I may not be adhering to  the diet I’d like to at the moment, but I am at least trying to still keep the legs used to doing work.  Wish I had someone to ride with who was riding at about the same level I am so we could push each other.


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