fixed report

Logged a 10miler on the fixed gear bike today. I’m trying to get seat time because I am brand new to the fixed thing and I’m still getting used to it. Also, I just needed to get out of doors since I have a bit of cabin fever. The route was just riding around the perimeter of my school, which has no real climbs, but I was able to get up out of the saddle for  a few seconds each loop by cutting through one of the parking lots. My expectations were that I would be a LOT more tired than a ride of this length on a geared bike, but it didn’t turn out that way. My bike could really use a longer seat post, and the sawed and flipped bars start to get uncomfortable after a while, but its easy to put up with those things considering the ride is glass smooth. The 42/16 works out great on flats, but I really think I would gear it a bit easier if I were going to be riding in the city. I’m waaay heavy for a fixed.

Riding fixed gear has made me really start thinking about a single speed mountain bike.  Yeah that would be nice!


One thought on “fixed report

  1. theothergraham says:

    Glad to hear you got some riding in. I only made it as far as No Brakes. Figured I’d ride more today, but the weather is le crap.

    Anyway, they can’t find a headset with a 27.0mm (JIS) crown race except for Chris King, which of course is awesome but expensive. I can find a few online, including Alien’s, so I might do that. I’m also gonna call around and see how much it would be to have the crown and head tube milled down to ISO sizes so I have a better selection to choose from.

    In the meantime, the stock headset works, and I ordered a new stem (Pearl 80) to help correct my riding position, as well as pushing my seat forward a bit.

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