yearly ride report.

In March of this year I started biking after being away from the scene for over 10 years. At first I was using a handheld GPS to track ride data, but eventually I left the thing on the trunk of my car and drove off, so someone either got a free GPS or it busted into a zillion pieces on the ground. After the GPS incident I got a bike computer. My total mileage for the year, excluding all the mileage from before I had the bike computer and mileage I put on bikes not computer equipped is 779.5miles. Not too shabby, but not anywhere near what some folks who are really fit put in. I’d estimate that I had about 300 miles not recorded by the computer.

Also, towards the end of summer I did my first ever half century, at Suwanee Greenway, which is mostly paved, but has enough dirt sections that I still use a semi fat tire to ride it. My records say I did it in 4 hours 12 mins 10 sec…11.8mph/avg.  This time does not count the time I spent taking a few rests…it was the middle of June when I did this and it was HOT.

Other notable milestones for this year were:

  • making the switchback climb at Devils Backbone, Chicopee
  • making the long climb after the final creek crossing at Outer Loop, Chicopee
  • 2nd place at Tumbling Creek Race as part of a 3 man team
  • Kirkwood to Stone Mountain loop with Graham
  • getting a full suspension bike
  • converting myPeugeot old school road bike into a fixie
  • starting this biking specific blog due to my personal blog starting to pretty much be all biking posts
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  1. gps and handheld

    no kidding!

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