SRAM meets shop cat

The chain on my Peugeot was the original that came with the bike circa late 80’s

It was time for an upgrade, so I picked up an SRAM single speed chain. It came with a connector link, but I did not use intend to use it

This car lives outdoors in our nieghborhood. It loves to come hang out at the workshop. Here she is lending a hand with the chain swap

She has a hole in one of her hind legs because people around here like to shoot the strays with bb guns. I have been keeping an eye on the wound, which seems to be healing, but looks like it hurts pretty bad. I’ve been giving her some food particles. She doesn’t belong to me, or anyone for that matter…I call her “ShopCat” because if we have the workshop door open she always runs in and pokes around.

The install went smoothly. I got to use the extra ling 15mm wrench I got for Xmas. The bike s now stealthy silent when pedaling.

it was a pretty good day
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