Quick ride update

Yesterday I hit Suwanee Greenway. Nothing exciting to report there

Today it was over to Gainesville College Trails. Mud. In the woods it wasn’t bad at all, but the service road sections were like a full on post downpour cyclocross. I think that whats happening is, the groundwater that accrued during our last big rains freezes at night, and thaws during the day, but there hasn’t ben enough heat to really let it evaporate.

I still had a great ride though. Used the mp3 player for a change…I usually don’t take tunes on the of road rides, but I think I am going to from now on.

Total mileage for 08 so far is right at 20 miles. I’m still unsure about adding computers on the other bikes…I use them so much less frequently than the ‘Goose that I might as well just estimate. On the fixed, if I can remember my exact route, I can always use he GoogleMaps Pedometer dealie to get a pretty accurate figure.

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