ride notes

Although the ground was wet this morning, and the fog so thick that it was basically slow rain, I still opted to take my bike to school, with me, in hopes that the moisture would burn off in the predicted 60+ degree weather. I was sort of sketched out about leaving my bike on my car, so I ended up locking it to a fence up by the school doors, and checked on it between every class. Once my edjumacatin for the day was through, I did a quick clothing change in the restroom and headed out to log a few. The ride went REALLY WELL. Gainesville College Trail is drying up nicely, so the whole run was a little faster with less effort than the past few rides I’ve slogged through back there. The sections in the woods are pretty much fully dried, so your only wet spots are the flat service roads between paths.

I was popping off of every little branch and root I could see! Of course I never go as fast as the really fit people, but I have just as much fun. I was throwing the bike around in a way I haven’t since my wreck into the swamp last year, 20 minutes after I got the darn bike. Lots of body english and threading the needle through the tight stuff, and more than a few places where I had to hoot and holler since I was having such a blast. I think I am starting to lie using the mp3 player on these rides. Maybe I should switch from my usual DUB fare to some speedier tunes and see if I adjust the pace accordingly.

just over 9 miles/8.3mph avg…oh and also, that was 9 straight w/o any stopping. When I came out of the woods I just looped around the student parking lot and went right back in for more. Greg White…you would have been proud of me. Other folks, I know this is’t big mileage compared to a lot of you, but I am getting there slowly but surely.

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