moist vs BMX

I knew this girl once who couldn’t stand the word moist. It’s very moist out today…hovering somewhere between fog and rain. Since I can’t ride, lets use the wayback machine to examine another stylin BMX bikes from days long ago

Ah yes, the classic Mongoose. Undisputedly one of the most successful frame designs ever, selling zillions of units before being upgraded to the loop tail “Pro Class” series. The build you are looking at here features the (in)famous Motomags, which were practically indestructable cast magnesium and futuristic looking as a muv for their time. You may notice the lack of handbrakes on this bike, and the rather large looking rear sprocket. Thats right, this thing has a coaster brake, and most likely it’s geared to 44/18, as opposed to the more popular in racing circles 44/16. The seat post clamp was made out of a shped piece of thick sheet metal and holds the non cromoly seatpost via a standard 1/2″(not metric) size nut and bolt. The pedals are most likely Cycle Pro, mated to Ashtabula 175mm canks. The fork and “one piece stem” are also Ashtabula. If you could see that fork turned to the side, you would be horrified to see that it is not make of tubing, but rather very thick strips of solid steel. Another thing you would notice if you could turn the the wheel a bit, is the almost square shape of the bars and the tiny diameter of the crossbar. Those clear grips were a hot item in my neighborhod when they came out….everyone had to have a pair. Then they started making them in clear colors, which was the hotness until someone showed up with a pair of Oakleys.

This tanker probably weighed in at about 35 pounds, maybe more, but you could hurl abuse at it and it could take it compared to other bikes of it’s day. Of course, things were much tamer then, when style was style and jumps were cross-ups and table tops…before all this stupid flip/circus trick crap that happens these days.

I love this bike and I am very envious of whoever gets to call it theirs. Kudos on a great resto, or for just keping the thing nice all these years

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