road bike fever

I’ve got the road bike fever bad. Having a road bike with gears will round out my stable of scoots so that I never have to turn down a chance to head out with a group because I don’t have an appropriate bike. On one hand, I could always just try to take my fixed gear if the road is calling, but because I am a fat dood, my route selection on the fixed is kind of limited. I have to try to take the flattest route I can if I intend to ride the fixed. Hopefully, this won’t be the case forever. but it is a factor now. At least I think it is. I have yet to bring it into town and log a day of real deal urban mileage on it. Certainly the dated geometry and it being a bit too small for me are going to be comfort factors…so I’d like a more modern bike to do things where the distance is scaled up and non flat routes.

Earlier this week someone was selling a titanium Lemond on CL for $600. TITANIUM! Ugh, I wanted it soooo bad. Someone got a great deal on that bike…

Today there is a Trek Pilot for $400, which is -okay- but seems to be designed for a more relaxed ridingposition than I’d like.

I need to sell some of my old vinyl records or something to get a loot$tack.

Rode at Gainesville College Trail today. I knew it was going to be a bit muddy and I was kind of concerned about creating ruts in the trail, but I figured I would head down there anyway. If the lot showed that there were folks riding I would join in, but if there wasn’t anyone there, I’d just head to Suwanee Greenway. There were a pretty good amount of folks  braving the mud, so it was on. I did one loop of each direction and I have determined that no matter which way I am going, everyone else is going the opposite way. There are so many blind corners at GCT I have no idea why it isn’t directional. You can’ go fast on some sections because if you were to come up on another rider going the other way, they would NOT have enough time to react and neither would you…so a lot of the trail is done just puttering around. That was one cool thing about the Tumbling Creek race at GCT…everyone going the same way so we could open it up a bit more in the tight stuff without worrying.

I think my bike computer is acting up because it says I only did 6.84mi today and I know that the way I go on GCT is 3.89mi each way. Avg/sp 7.3 Max18.5. Mud sucks but it makes you appreciate it when trail conditions are good.

I need to hit Chicopee again soon. Central Park also. Oh and what happened to me wanting to finally check out Yargo?

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One thought on “road bike fever

  1. theothergraham says:

    somehow I totally missed that titanium Lemond. (BTW, I call them Lemon D, after the DnB producer.)

    I finally submitted some new content today.

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