Some days it just isn’t meant to be. Today I hoofed it around Gainesville College Trail just once before I had to call it a day. It was muddy…just muddy enough to be annoying and slow.  Moreso than the mud though, once I made it to the end of my first loop, I was really weezing and struggling for breath. I must have a bit of a cold or something. After a few minutes of thinking it through, I decided to call it a day instead of heading back in for another round. The weight of all the reading I have to do for school may have been a factor. I’m finding it hard to clear my headspace with these current classes being so tough. If I miss any of my reading schedule, I’ll fall behind in a way that I won’t be able to reverse. The rate at which we are absorbing this stuff has me curious as to how fast the big schools would go through the same material. I can cruise through the reading, but if I want to comprehend it, I need to take it a little slower.

Obviously as you can see from this post, my mind is not on biking. Hopefully after midterm I’ll have settled down a bit and can use my rides as the brainscrubbers that they usually are. For now though, too much anxiety…

I did take my bike to the local Spray N Wash and got all the caked up mud off, which was long overdue.

Oh and also, my bike computer has been being a little dodgy…it just sort of shuts off in the middle of my rides sometimes, which is annoying, especially when I think I am doing well and can’t wait to see the stats, only to get to the end and find out it cut off somewhere on the trail…



One thought on “bleh

  1. theothergraham says:

    Whew… just got back from 20 miles on the Scatmobile. It was windy, and my stomach hurt, so it was not a stellar ride. I managed to average 14.5mph, though, which is good, considering. It felt awesome to be out in the saddle in some decent weather, anyway.

    I also had a personal first: a car pulled over and got out of my way because they were going so slow I was riding their ass. Just kinda funny.

    Your computer probably needs a new battery. If that doesn’t work out, let me know, I’ve got a spare computer or two.

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