Although pretty much all the local 100% off road trails are still not in any shape for riding due to recent rains, it was too nice to stay in today. Once again I headed out to trusty ol Suwanee Greenway.

Not too much to report except for a sighting of “hot girl bike cop”, who lurks around the trail sometimes. Also, on the return portion of my final loop, I had a mishap with my mp3 player which resulted in it falling down into the back wheel, between the spokes for a sec, and ultimately out onto the ground. Fortunaely I had the rubber protector thingie that came with it installed, so it wasn’t damaged. Oh yeah, I tried out some new Philips headphones, that are the type that clip behind the ear. They were -okay-, but they just don’t have the low end oooomph that my -in ear- models do. Plue they don’t seem to fit quite the way I want them to. I must have small ears or something…earbuds won’t work for me either. Looks like its -in ear- or nothing for me…

Distance: 18.41 mile
Average Speed: 10.5 mph
Max Speed: 2.8 mph
Time moving: 1hr 44min 57 sec

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