Blankets Van Michael trail

Wow. Emotions are running high on this thread on the SORBA site regarding a trail being renamed Van Michael loop (formerly Area51) due to a donation from the notable Atlanta salon. The zingers are flying left and right, including gems about having the salon shave your legs so you can be stylin when you are on the road bike.

I myself don’t have a problem with a trail being named after a donor. In fact, I think it somewhat humorous that over at Suwanee Greenway, several donors only -sponsor- a few hundred feet of trail. There is one sign with all the donors names and the amount of feet they have contributed for.

Like it or not, these trails cost money to maintain, and although the organizations of people that use them would love to be able to generate the loot to keep them up, its not always realistic. People can’t always contribute to trail funds when they are pushing their money at dramatically overpriced boutique framesets and accessories priced with outrageous numbers usually reserved for audiophiles, a group who are notorious for laying out huge sums for minor if not imaginary performance enhancements.

So, I am all for having businesses get a little publicity for sponsoring a trail. The one place I would draw the line would be at tobacco and petroleum companies. Beer companies I would encourage. In fact maybe if we can get some beer companies on board they can put in a fountain that dispenses the sweet sweet nectar.

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