Upgrade downgrade

Picked up some Jagwire inner wire and housing to solve the issues with the rear shifter on my Mongoose. The install went fine until I overtightened the shifter and cracked it. Fortunately, I only cracked one side of the clamp, so the other side should hold it just fine. Still chuffs my ass though. Every time I ride I am gonna look down and see that crack.
Once I got the wire installed, it was time for the unpleasant process of adjusting the gears without a proper bike stand. This bike has always had some ghost shifting issues, which over time I had managed to work out to a minimum, only to have them reappear much worse after recently removing the rear cassette to do some spoke work. Not having a flat place to do my fine tuning was making the gear adjustment process worse than it had to be. I don’t really need a stand, I just need a flat place to pedal around while I mess with the barrel adjuster. The stops on the derailleur were adjusted fine.  My driveway however, is not flat, so the process was kind of ridiculous. Eventually I did find the culprit causing the ghost shifting. It was a bent derailleur hanger, which I -fixed- by grabbing it and bending it back to where it should be by hand. Years ago a the shop we used to have a tool for this repair, but I am not scared of doing it by hand. It ended up working great and the gears are now adjusted better than they have been since I go the bike.
The shifter is still cracked though.

I have a line on a potential front suspension upgrade that would cut almost a pound off the weight of the bike. I am still mulling it around though…

Haven’t done any riding this week for various reasons, most of which have to with freaking out over school…

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