Hutch post 1

This is the first of what will probably be a zillion posts involving legendary BMX company HUTCH. Here we have a vintage print ad from the mid 80’s freestyle era…

In the late 80’s it was okay to ride a completely pink bike, in fact, doing so made you the pinnacle of high style. It required a considerable amount of devotion to accumulate enough pink components to make it the dominant color of your ride, even if you started with a pink frame and fork. It was also a time of gross displays of wealth by those who had it. The thing about this ad is, you would think that because Woody Itson is sitting in a slick Porsche, that it is in fact his personal ride, which he uses only to cart around his pink bike and un-ironic at the time porn mustache. But closer inspection reveals that California Woody is sitting a car with a Maryland plate that reads HUTCH, which sharp observers will quickly deduce to be one of Richard Hutchins personal fleet of high dollar rides. Word has it that Woody never got paid anything close to the loot that would allow him to afford a car like that when he was riding for Hutch. This is not to say that the two did not work well together, or at least work well enough together to allow a few summers of Hutch Trick Team shows to tour around the country with Micheal Dominguez doing ramp duties and some dude named Randy Bowser on the mic. When they hit Baltimore for a show at Atlantic Cycles, we lugged a VHS video recording rig (a group of gear that approached like 15lbs at that time), recorded the show, and proceeded to wear out the tape watching it for the next year trying to reverse engineer some of the monster tricks those guys did.

A notable point about the bike in this ad, is that it is a second generation production Trick Star, which you can tell by the fork pegs being slightly higher on the fork, and a bit longer than the original first run units. I have a particular soft spot for this version of the frame and fork because it was one of two Hutchs I ever owned. I wasn’t quite cool enough for a pink one though…candy red was more my scene…

your boy rockin a -decade-, a few decades ago, with period appropriate mismatched Chucks, and Low Budget Soul Rider style mismatched Tioga Comp ST tires..

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One thought on “Hutch post 1

  1. Josh says:

    hey man, good post, gotta love the hutch! here are some more ads that my brother found, and a pic of his trick star. its a newer frame, but he picked it up a few years ago for cheap.

    i also have some pics of my bike on the site, i got it on the road finally.

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