Bike Snob NYC Homage

If I were Bike Snob NYC, I would probably be able to find a zillion zingers about this bike…

“Invisible accessories seem to be the latest trend among the fixie set. To have full on cred, the appropriate way to set up your ride is to accent the parts you can’t see, with parts so bright you cannot miss them from 500 yards even in the thickest morning fog of the year, which this rider has done by way of the blazing sun yellow paint scheme and neon white wheels.
Note that the invisible parts aren’t really invisible, they are simply embedded with zillions of nano-cameras paired with nano-displays which constantly update their image to whatever is directly behind the observers field of view. This techn0logy has been “borrowed” from advanced military camouflauge techniques, and is only now making its way into the bicycling sector, similar to the post Cold War trickle down adoption of titanium and carbon fiber by the industry. These new parts do not reflect any weight savings. They are also tough to steal once installed on a bike, but if you can find any outside their packaging laying around your LBS the chances of you walking out with it while holding it in your hands in plain view are pretty good.”

or something like that…
(forwarded pic to BSNYC, we’ll see if it surfaces with a higher wit factor attached sometime soon)

Heh, I didn’t even go near the name of the manufacturer sounding like some kind of allergy med.

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One thought on “Bike Snob NYC Homage

  1. theothergraham says:

    I particularly like the way the seat is perfectly positioned on that shelf so as to appear as if it is attached to the bike on a tall invisible post.

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