ride report feb25.08

It was fantastic outside today, so instead of staying in and reading a chapter of PERL, or reading some Database Connectivity crap, I went out and rode. Since there has been recent rain, I decided Suwanee Greenway would be the best option. Things started out a little weak…as soon as I started riding the pain from last weekends jaunts started up, but not in a way that hurt, just in a way that made me weak. Still, I pushed on, with a zillion megaton DUB soundtrack pulsing through the empethree player. Dub always makes me want to rinse it out on the bike.
ON the return portion of the loop, I took a different route than I have ever taken, which involved a lengthy (for me) road climb section that I had determined early on was NOT going to beat me. It didn’t! Now that I know I can climb that section, I’ll feel bad if I don’t incorporate it into my Greenway rides, because it upped the difficulty level a few notches for sure.
At the bottom of the backside of the climb, you are at the entrance to where the trail section of my ride usually starts, so I headed back in with a strategy of riding as far as I could for 15 mins before doubling back.  This turned out to be a good plan, and right at the 15 minute mark I was at a good place to turn around. By this time the DUB had ended and some early Black Flag came on for the return trip. I like it when the tempo of the audio picks up throughout the course of a ride.
Overall it was waaay worth the trip to Swanee. I managed to get my ride in before the trail became swarmed with dogwalkers and three abreasts.
One thing I would like to say, is that I have the shifting on the ‘Goose working better than it ever has…buttery smooth and locks in to ever cog quick and solid. That new Jagwire and bending the derailluer hanger by hand all worked out nicely. I can’t wait ti try it on some burly trails…today I rode the with my rear shoc practically locked out.

statty stats:
Distance: 15.04mi
Average Speed: 10.9mph
Time Moving: 1hr 22min 6sec
Max Speed: 32.4mph (!)yeeeeow

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One thought on “ride report feb25.08

  1. theothergraham says:

    Damn, 32mph on the goose?! nice one.

    I went out and tooled around east lake / oakhurst / kirkwood on the Fooj for a very enjoyable 8 miles tonight. I’m definitely digging the new gearing, and considering going even a little harder with the ratio.

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