micro-ride + Zion

  After flailing away at homework for a good chunk of the day, I finally headed over to GainesVegas College Trail for my first off road session since re-cabling and adjusting the gears properly. ON the mechanical side, everything was just beautiful. The bike is shifting better than it EVER has, and believe it or not, I even have my clunker forks adjusted in such a way that I actually have a little bit of suspension travel.  The only beat thing is, when I was finished the very tamely paced loop, I had a really heavy chest and just couldn’t get past the congestion. Could it be the boy who NEVER gets sick is getting a cold? Bleh.
Due to the breathing trubs, I decided one loop was enough, hoping that if I get a decent rest, maybe I can tackle Chicopee tomorrow, or maybe Graham will make the trek out here for some off road action.

On the upside, I -finally- ordered a stem for Ye Ol’ Talera. Thirteen dollars WITH SHIPPING baby! Jenson USA has the DEALS!

Although this ride was so short it doesn’t even seem to really qualify as a ride, I am listing the stats anyway because I intend to list stats for every ride I can

Time Moving: 32min 16 sec
Distance: 3.82mi
Average Speed: 7.0mph
Max Speed: 18.7mph

The new FOX Digit gloves were freakin awesome. They are so thing it barely feels like I have anything on my hands at all, yet they provide enough protection that my hands don’t feel sore after the ride, and they seemed to ventilate extremely well…I won’t be able to give a full review til after a few -real- rides though

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