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While I’m often tempted to pick on the sellers on craigslist, I generally don’t, because it’s just too easy. But since I’m addicted to reloading it every 10 minutes, sometimes it gets the best of me. Here’s two gems from the same post:

Mens Schwinn mountain bike. Like new only ridden a couple of times, has never been in the dirt.

If I had a dollar for every ad I’ve seen that said the bike had only been ridden once or twice, or even not at all, well… I’d own a much more expensive bike, probably. Not only did this person hardly ride the bike at all, but they bought a full suspension mountain bike and never even took it off the road.

I am not sure just how they size mountain bikes but the papers with the bike said it was for an adult male.

Well that narrows it down. Women and children, pass on this one! Guys, this is your size!

I’d also like to collect a dollar for every ad where someone:

  1. puts “LOOK!!!!!!” in the title.
  2. uses the wrong units in their measurement. “60″ frame“. Damn, that is huge.
  3. is unwilling or unable to determine how many speeds the bike has. “10 or 12 speed, not sure.” As Barbie once said, “math is hard.”
  4. says something about the “peddles” or “petals” on the bike.
  5. doesn’t include specs, pictures, description, or price. “1978 Peugeot 10 speed – bike needs tires” Yeah, that was the whole ad.
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One thought on “just sayin’

  1. robertashton says:

    i have started looking at Athens GA and Birmingham CL bike ads in addition to the Atlanta ones…I’m addicted

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