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  One of the things I want to do this year is try to have some days where I step up the intensity of my rides.  I kicked off the record keeping portion of this tactic today by doing Suwanee Greenway time trial style. One loop, stay on the gas, try to keep good form, try to be efficient and ride smart. This was the first time for making the ride this style since I have started using the new dirt section at the halfway point.
It went-okay-. There were a few times where I was held up by walkers…only one of which was annoying. I try to be forgiving to the walkers because it IS a shared use path. Also, I was riding the ‘Goose, which lacks the Incredi-bell that comes in so Handy when I use the Talera.
The dirt portions were very slow. I anticipate 2/10mph faster avg speed once the trail is dry just from lack of rolling resistance. Also, I have one cog, sort of right in the middle of the range, where the chain feels sort of bumpy and grunged up as opposed to all the other cog/ring combos that feel glass smooth. Weird.

I know hat these times and distances aren’t particularly fast compared to some folks who may happen upon this blog who are very fit. I’m not fit…but I do like to keep records because I get sort of addicted to “personal bests”, so try to keep that in mind before you slag on my stats.

Suwanee Greenway Time Trial style ride stats #1:
Time Moving: 53min 18sec
Distance: 10.55mi (this should not change but for some reason it will vary even if ZI go the same way each time)
Average Speed: 11.8mph
Max Speed: 24.6mph

I’d like to get that avgspeed up to like 13mph by June.

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