just stats, well maybe a lil more

Not much to report since it is crunch time at school…

I did manage to squeeze in a great ride Wednesday though. Hit GCT frontwards and backwards first, and actually had a good time since the trails were finally pretty much dry. Afterwards, I felt like getting in a little more action, but didn’t want to do GCT again, so I headed over to Chicopee to ride the condensed section of Outer Loop. When I got there though, as I started to go into the woods, I forked off to try out the new “Tortiose Loop” -beginner- trail. My thinking was that since it is supposed to be a beginner level trail it prolly wouldn’t be too long, and it wasn’t. It was the perfect length, and basically spit me out at just about the same place the condensed version of outer loop does once I head back to the car. The new trail has some very fast sections and you feel confident opening up and hitting the gas because it is all doubletrack wih pretty much no off camber turns. You do get some climbing in also…not any kind of quick bursts,just slow grinders, and the topmost section of the dreaded gravel road that you do at the tail end of Outer Loop. All in all it was perfect, and just under 2 miles. I did it twice and called it a day.

Time Moving: 1hr 33min 55sec
Distance: 11.84 mile
Average Speed: 7.5mph
Max Speed: 19.6mph

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