photo day didn’t really work

Tried to do an “easy ride”today at Chicopee. I took the camera along hoping to get some pics at a few of the jumpable roots and the water crossing. The plan was to ride mellow to each location and then chill and wait for riders to approach, then get the snaps. It didn’t work out so well. The whole experience was sort of like what I imagine hunting would be. Long periods of doing nothing, just waiting and watching. Not that the waiting was bad…I love being in the woods, and having time to just sit there and vegetate on the scenery was nice…for a while. After the first three portions I spent just cueing for pic opportunities, I started to get antsy. Also, the camera and I were not jiving the way I would have liked. I was trying to shoot large format, which = HUGE shutter lag. Also, the light conditions were as such that I couldn’t really do anything cool as far as making neat shots by adjusting shutter speed etc.

One other thing that was kind of funny. Bikey people as a rule are very helpful to their own kind if someone breaks down. The downside of this for me today, was that everytime someone would come blazing towards one of the jumps or the water crossing, they would see me standing there and immediatley slow down to ask if I was okay. I actually started to feel bad about it because some of these guys really lost momentum…jeez. Next time I want to do photos, I am going to have to arrange it photo session style, which seems to work better…
Riding wise, it was VERY chill, but grinding. What I mean is, I deliberately did NOT roost very hard on the downhills because I was scared of taking a fall and crushing my camera, but I DID grind up ALL the uphill sections. I kept thinking about how it wouldn’t really have been -cheating- to walk any of the sections, since my main goal for the day was taking pics, but for some reason I just kept pedaling.

There was a grip of folks out representing Addictive Cycles today, and I rasn into them a few times on the trail. One of the dudes from the shop recognized me from talking about fixies on one of my visits to the store. Man, I wish I could hang with those guys but I didn’t even try, they are waaaay higher on the fitness scale.

Overall, I am glad I went, and I hesitate to list these stats, because to me it was ess of a -ride- and more of a -day hanging out on the trail-.

Time Moving: 1hr 11 min 6 sec (although I was at Chicopee for about3.5 hours)
Distance: 7.1 miles
Average Speed: 5.9mph (see I told you I was going SLOW)
Max Speed: 19.7mph

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