Easter Funday

Met up with rideBikes contributor Graham at Big Creek in Alpharetta at noon. He was supposed to be syncing up with someone who is selling a Santa Cruz Blur, so he could give it a ride and check it out, but she didn’t show. Luckily I had brought along Ye Ol Talera so we were able to sneak in a bit of a ride anyway. We did the beginner loop once, then headed back in to make our way to the freeride course. In order to get to the freeride area by way of the trails, you end up riding both the intermediate and advanced loops partially. Man, Big Creek = ROCKS…lots of em everywhere…and some of them look like sharp tirebusters. We made a few wrong turns, which was kind of beat since the trails there are unidirectional depending on what day it is, but we only got scolded once. Eventually we made it to the freeride area. The hike up to he top is no fun. We did the snake run, which was fun, and then sessioned a few of the jumps near the bottom…Graham was catching some AIR! After a while we hiked back up to the top to watch some dood do the gap jump/rythym section for a while. Pretty sick stuff.

We ended up taking the cheater paved trail back to the parking lot. Even though we didn’t log heavy mileage, it was still WORK back in the trails.

After we split from there, I didn’t want to come right home so I headed to Central Park (the Cumming GA one, not the NYC one), to hit up their freeride area and watch some heavy hitters. I ended up doing half of the cross country trail before heading to the freeride. Once I was at the jumps, I only actually hit them about 3-4 times. One of the lines I used to take has a gap jump now, so I couldn’t take the line to the end. The heavy hitters were jammin to an extent, but it was really windy and actually started to get kind of cold, so I decided to call it a day.

Stats are kind of weird because they factor in pushing the bikes up the hill at BC FR, and also all the dirt jumping:
Time Moving: 1hr 25min 07sec
Distance: 8.23mile
Average Speed: 5.7mph
Max Speed: 18.2mph

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