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There is a thread today on the SORBA site about the guy who fell and had to be life-flighted out of Chicopee last week. I don’t know how to describe how this makes me feel, but it hits very close to home due to Chicopee being one of the trails I frequent. After watching a zillion hours of bike wrecks on YouTube, its kind of easy to feel somewhat removed rom what crashes are really like, and some of the consequences. Also, when you are watching the YouTube crashes, generally someone is trying something kind of ridiculous anyway, so you know they are half expecting to wreck, and seem prepared for it. Having ridden the section of trail that this guy bailed on quite a bit, I am thinking that he had no idea it was coming. There are several portions of that section that are pretty white knuckle, so you tense up and navigate the section with a strategy of making it through moreso than making it through fast.

When I rode Chicopee two days ago, once I got past the ChamPain Hill sign, I wondered where he actually wrecked. It was sort of a strange mindset to go down the trail with. I was in no hurry that day, but I did notice the recent rains had made some of the trickier sections even more difficult than usual.

There are talks of a benefit ride for this guy.

I get bugged out because the arm injury I suffered last year still, and probably won’t ever heal completely. I am very thankful that I was at least able to get up and walk away though.

Best of luck on your recovery Matt, even though we have never met.


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