Thursday I had the worst ride in a looooong time. I felt obligated to ride because the weather was so nice, but I knew before I even left the hut that I wasn’t that into it. First I stopped by Addictive Cycle to scope out the shop…sometime I feel like I just have to stop through there in case I need something I don’t know I need. Then I headed over to GCT.
About 200 yards into the trail, there is a tree that has fallen across the singletrack from the recent bad weather. Instead of cutting it out, someone took the time to pile up smaller logs on either side of it to make a log obstacle, which is perfectly fine with me…so I yanked the front wheel up and over. When the front tire hit the ground on the other side,I felt the big ring hit the top of the log which jolted me off the pedals, flat footed onto the trail, causing the ass end of the bike to pop up in the air. The whole thing was hilarious…I actually managed to shuffle forward a step or two in an attempt to stop the impending OTB, but I just couldn’t save it. So, OverTheBars I went…at like .5mph. I was actually laughing before I even hit the ground.
Wrecking wasn’t really a big deal, but it was kind of annoying that it happened within the first 2 minutes of the ride. Things got progressively worse from there. First I had a bunch of noise coming from the cranks/bottom bracket. I’m sure my fat ass is destroying those parts slowly, but I was hoping to get at least a few more months out of them. The clunking was annoying enough that I stayed on one of the flat utility paths that run between the singletrack, just pedaling hoping that I could sort of work out the clunking. Eventualy it somewhat settled down, so I decided to try and finish the loop.
Next was the headphone issue. My earphones are about to bite the dust, and one them just would NOT stay in my ear. I have the kind of noise canceling earphones that have squishy faom pads that you compress and stuff in your ear, which are then supposed to expand and stay in place. They usually work fine, but they are getting worn out, and just wouldn’t jive with the riding program. After stopping like 3 times to fix them, I decided that when I got back to the car i was gong to call it a day. I’d BARELY call this a ride, it was more like a tease…I should have listened to my body which was telling me to get more rest from that big ride the day before…

lame stats:
Time Moving: 32min 59sec
Distance: 4.12 miles
Average Speed: 7.5mph
Max Speed: 19.6mph
Lameness Factor: very high

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