Big Creek slam and soak

The plan was to meet up with Graham and Mershon at Big Creek after the “2Ways In A Day time trial” that was happening there today was over. The risk factor was a 60% chance of rain. We all kept an eye on the sky and the radar, and decided we were going to go for it since most of the rain seemed to be north of Roswell. Since I am north of Roswell, I was getting the full rain already, so I ended up bundling the seats and grips on the bikes with plastic grocery bags for the transport phase, which Mershon found to be absolutely hilarious, but IMO was very practical.

Once I got about 4 miles from the exit, the rain stopped and it was bone dry. Awesome. Connected with the crew and scoped out Mershons new ride:

He pretty much just finished building this up over xmas…A Sette ACE frame (although the graphic that says ACE looks like it says RICE), some badass aftermarket shock, carbon fiber bars, XT derailleur…yeah man it was pretty trick + light.

We hit a single loop of the beginner trail for a warm up. The pace was pretty high, and as usual Graham never took the Ye Ol Talera out of the middle ring. I am totally outclassed by these guys on the cross country stuff.
Once we were back at the car I suggested we grab the camera for some photo biz at the freeride area, then after that was out of the way we could just focus on logging miles on the XC trails. We -cheated- and took the paved path back to the FR area.
The first thing that happened when we got back there, was some guy eating it bigtime. He hit one of the jumps and just went ass over elbows…scraped himself up pretty bad. We hoofed it all the way to the op so Mershon could see the gap jumps, then did the snake run back to the bottom. After that we hit a path that has three jumps in a row, followed by a sharp berm and then a casual path to the very bottom.

Heres Mershon catching a little air. He bailed pretty hard a few runs before this, but he was up and back on the bike for more abuse right away.

A little air time from your boy.

Graham definitley gets -air of the day- for this jammy! Keep in mind he is doing this on Ye Ol Talera, clipped into the SPD pedals. On the downside, he did end up bailing on this jump, but not in mid-air. He slid out after the landing, but it was still the wickedest run of our whole little session. You can see a video of this jump by clicky here. The resulting bail netted a little Big Creek Missing Skin Merit Badge…

Around this point, we decided it would be a good idea to call it a day at the FR area, and head back into the woods or some more XC action. We started off just fine, but as soon as we got to the entrance of the advanced trail, which was the first trail we had to work through to get back to the car, the sky opened up and started PISSING down rain on us. Honestly, it was kind of rad! The SORBA folks who run the trails frown on riding in muddy conditions because it damages the trails, but we had no choice but to keep hammering towards the car. It ended up being the most fun portion of the day for me…sort of a -man vs the elements- kind of thing. Fortunately we made it back to the lot with no wrecks, although the roots along the trail were very slippery. We couldn’t help but laugh.

Wet goose with BONUS loose bottom bracket (note my high tech used inner tube chainstay protector…)

Muddy wet feet…the rest of our clothes looked just as bad. Fortunately I had an extra shirt and a towel to put down on my car seat. It continued to absolutely pour down rain for the entire trip home, which meant most of the way I was going considerably under the speed limit.

All in all it was still a fun day…always good to sync up with the crew since we all live so far apart. There are a lot of things that made this one of the rides we will all always remember for the sheer hilarity of it.

okay, I am going to list the stats, but my computer stopped working pretty much as soon as it got wet, so I’d say whatever these stats are is about half of what we actually rode.
Time Moving: 38min 48sec
Distance: 4.41 miles
Average Speed: 6.8mph
Max Speed: 28.4mph (on the gravel road leading to the secondary parking lot)

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