can’t make it but heres a bmx gem

If I were able to make it to Atlanta tonight, I’d be going to the Bikes To Rwanda Spoke Card art show @ Octane Coffee

Unfortunately, I can’t make it. Instead, I am posting another old school BMX gem for your eyeballs to absorbatron.

Ahh yes, a classic Patterson done up period correct like we never left the 80’s. Brent and Brian Patterson were no joke back in their day. You could always count on seeing at least one of these guys make the main, if not both. This specimen looks a bit short to be the pro sized frame. Sit down duties are handles by a Shot Gun seat mounted to an alloy post (NOT a fluted post, although they were quite popular around this era) and a Tuf Neck seat clamp. The cockpit has a funky lever with a bend built in mounted incorrectly, so you can see the lever isn’t going to be that functional…but a ride like this isn’t really about slowing down, its about going fast. Brakes are surely Dia-Compe, but I think they are the series that came before the MX900/1000s…890’s maybe? The bars are most likely Patterson models that came as part of the frame/frk/bar kit, but I could be wrong about that. I doubt that I am wrong about them being mated to an ACS stem. Drivetrain starts with some Maxy Cross cranks w. KKT Lightning pedals, and connects to some Araya 7x rims w. unknown hubs. Period correct 20 X 2.125 Tioga Comp III tire on the front, 20 X 1.75 on the rear. Looks like this one is running a Haro number plate, but the Patterson boys were oft seen running Uni plates after they came out. I can faintly detect depressions every few inches in the frame pads, which means they are probably super vintage vinyl with steel buttons, predating the extremely successful velcro revolution put forth by pad giants California Lite.

This is a great build. I’d be bad as a vintage BMX collector, because I could never let them sit, I’d have to ride them all the time.

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