actually rode

Yep, thats right, I actually ventured out a bit on the bike today. Suwanee Greenway. Easy tempo, no rough stuff for the comeback ride. Ugh, it was a little hard. It’s always hard after you have been off the bike for a while. Today was a little harder than it needed to be because my rear tire was seriously under inflated. Also, somehow over the past week, my rear shifter, which I went to great lengths to correct the action on, is now back to the mode where youhave to stand on it to get it to move. I dunno what the deal is with that, but after a while I didn’t really care anyway. If thats the way it wants to shift then thats the way I’ll shift it. Whatever.

The low rear tire thing got a little sketchy when I hit one of the turns at a decent rate and felt it rolling sideways. I do NOT want to relive last year at that same spot. Heres a pic from THAT little mishap:

Fortunately, there were no falls today.I’d like to go injury free in the 08. Lets hop I didn’t jinx myself by just saying that.

Statty McStatstats
Time Moving: 56min 36 sec
Distance: 10.62 mile
Average Speed: 11.2 mph
Max Speed: 23.2 mph

Hey at least it was a ride. We are going out to Chicopee with a posse on sunday

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