Okay, sooooo…I have finished -most- of my homework for the week, so I should be chomping at the bit to go for a ride, but I’m not. Actually I AM, but what I want to do is go ride the fixed gear again, and that ain’t happening out here in Flowery Branch.

During Critical Mass I finally had the experience of really tuning in to my fixed gear bike and hitting a good stride. Not having to stop for most lights helped. I was telling my riding buds that when you watch something like Tour De Georgia, and you see the riders really kicking it on streets you know, that you kind of think….”jeez I could kick it pretty fast on that section too if I didn’t have to stop for lights and cars”. Well, at CM, we didn’t stop for very many lights or cars, and it gave everyone time to really settle into a good riding rhythm. Because of this, my perception says that the ride was fairly brisk, even though I know it was more on the slow side. But being able to keep going without interruption made momentum your friend.

Sadly, on the actual roads out here it wouldn’t be that way. Yocasls try to run you off the road. Double sadly, Suwanee Greenway has just a little too much dirt and gravel to take the fixed gear to, so I’ll have to lug one of the other bikes over there if I want to log easy miles. Easy miles would be fine today…first day back after a break and all.

I dunno, I’ll figure it out. Bleh…

In additional fixie news, I keep thinking about a Potts mod set up for a fixed gear freestyler. The Potts mod, named after inventor Steve Potts circa 1984, is the setup where you have a hollow stem bolt and the brake cable runs through the bolt, out the bottom of the fork, and curves back up into the front brake. This setup is standard issue on BMX trick bikes, but no one has made the adaption to a FGF yet that I know of. When someone does you’ll hear huge arguments from both sides…the purists saying a FGF should be brakeless and the early adopters saying that they have now opened up a whole new world of tricks possibilities…



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