Yesterday I absolutely HAD to leave the house to ride, even if just a little. It was so nice out.
I hit Gainesville college trail. It was about 5pm when I got to the lot there were about 5 cars with bike racks, and a fewfolks milling around about to hit the trail. First loop was pretty nice…the dirt is waaaay dry now, so speeds were up and it didn’t take as much energy as it usually does. I know GCT is pretty tame, but you have to remember, for me, every trail is a challenge since I am totin around about 100lbs of useless fat. Bleh. Anyway, I noticed that they are cutting a new section at one point, and also that they have fenced off the hill I fell on last year that caused my -still hasn’t healed completely- arm injury. Now you HAVE to go off to the side and take a much less scary line. When the first loop was done I was stoked to find my average speed was up.

It wouldn’t stay that way.

For loop two I usually go the opposite direction. By this time the parking lot had about 20+ cars and loads of people entering the trail every few secconds going the direction I had just finished. I knew that riding the direction I wanted to go was going to mean lots of head on interaction with other riders, and I was right. GCT as a lot of blind corners and very skinny sections of singletrack, and I had to hop off the trail a bunch on that second loop to let people pass. Of course people were courteous and also got out of the way for me to pass as well. I’m not shy on the blind corners I will shout “One Bike” to let folks know a solo rider if about to enter come upon them. The downside of shouting this out is sometimes I think people interpret it as -get out of my way- which is NOT how I mean it. I just want to give a warning that  there is another rider on the trail.

It was still a fun and necessary ride. Shook the cobwebs off, and didn’t feel so bad about spending the entire freakin day working on a stupid Visual Basic tutorial. I saw one of the Addictive Cycle doods out there and he was absolutely rinsing it…man some people are just so fast.

Time Moving: 57min 54sec
Distance: 7.64 miles
Average Speed: 7.8 mph
Max Speed: 22.2 mph

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