greenway and site changes soon

There will be some site changes coming up soon. I’m hoping to create a page specifically for stats, because I really post them just for my own records, and don’t want to keep crowding up posts with my (low) numbers. Also, it will help me cut down on listing a play by play for every single ride. Some rides deserve their own posts, but not all, especially my boring midweek low mileage jaunts to my usual haunts. Having a separate stats page will give me and other rideBikes contributors a place to keep a record of every ride without assaulting the reader with our drivel.

Also I plan to switch up the look of the site as well. Some more contributors would be nice.

None of this is going to happen overnight.

For now though, all I have are my stats from yesterday at Suwanee Greenway

Time Moving: 52min 52sec
Distance: 10.58 miles
Average Speed: 11.9 mph
Max Speed: 22.7mph

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2 thoughts on “greenway and site changes soon

  1. Chadd Biehler says:

    i’d love to contribute from time to time, if you’ll have me…

    on a side note, i’m over bidirectional trails, is it really that hard to organize all trails like Blankets? One way on MWF, the other way TTh, or whatever. Meh. Just a little rant.

  2. robertashton says:

    Man I am all for trails being directional on certain days. I am thinking hat the reason they don’t do it at GCT is because the trail is also affiliated with the school, who prolly has some say so in how the trail is operated, but thats just a guess. There are a lot of folks who run on GCT too, so you have to dodge them as well as other bikers.

    I’ll hit you about setting you up to contribute.

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