Yesterday, all day the weather men and ladies on the teevee were all buggin out about the impending rainstorm that was going to hit our area in the afternoon. I managed to get done my homework way early, so I decided to risk it and take a quick jam over to chicopee. The weather radar looked like the storm was still pretty far away.

The ride started out good…I had done some bike maintenance the day before and it really made a difference. Although I had planned for this ride to be slow and chill (which of my rides are fast?) I was staying in the middle ring a lot more than I usually do. Unfortunately, this would catch up with me later.

Once I got to Champain Hill, I sat down on the picnic table to have a little breather. It was at this point that I wiped he sweat out of left eye, and closed and ONLY DABBED the sweat out of the very inner corner of my right eye, which is where I wear an annoying hard contact lens. Whatever I did during that dab, which was nowhere near the center of my eye, ended up doing something to my contact lens that was not good. Either it had fallen out, or it was pushed up or way over to the side of the inside of my eyelid. Ugh…I was pissed.

So I looked around on the ground for the thing, and never saw it. Since my eye was gushing tears at this point, I figured I had knocked the contact off to the side or top. There was nothing I could do about it back there on the trail, so I saddled up and hit Champain. I only rolled about 10 feet before I KNEW that the contact was still in, just not in the right place. I was simultaneously happy that I didn’t lose it, but worried about wrecking on the following sections. Champain Hill is not the best place to lose your depth perception, and have an errant contact messing with your peripheral vision. Sooo…I plodded along like a lumbering elephant, taking every drop, root, and corner with select care. By the time I got to the creek crossing, I was totally defeated. The ride was a bust. Not even seeing an extreme hottie at the creek bench lifted my spirits, and seeing hot trail babes is usually the mental equivalent of eating a gel pack mid ride for me.

It was at this moment that the DUB on my mp3 player stopped and the old school punk came on. This usually kicks me in the pants for some extra energy too,but oday it just made me more annoyed.

I’m not gonna lie. I stopped about halfway up the big gravel road climb and just walked a bit. Not all the way to the top but just a bit. The whole contact lens thing ruined the zen of my two wheeled wilderness experience and took all the wind out of my sails. I was pretty happy when I got back to the car. Later, after I got home, I wouldn’t be so bugged about the ride going badly. It never did rain…ever.

Time Moving: 1hr 1min 28sec
Distance: 6.98 miles
Average Speed: 6.8mph
Max Speed: 21.4mph

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