weight savings cost analysis pt2

Continuing on with my research as to how to shave a few pounds off the ‘Goose, this evening I broke out the ol Ohaus and logged a few parts weights so I can do some comparisons.

The seating area was my focus. First off I checked the underseat stash bag which came in at 235g. The trick with this thing is to just abandon it altogether and risk the dreaded walk of shame back to the car if I flat. Is it worth saving 1/2lb for? Well, lets not make any rash decisions till we have more data.

Next up was the seat. Guess what I discovered when I got the seat off the bike?

Yep…its bent. I wonder how long it has been like that? I’m not mad. In fact I am pretty stoked because it means that the bike was able to take a hit hard enough for me to bend the seat rails, but did not bottom out/destroy the rear shock. Thats cool with me.

The seat weighed in at 360g. Once again I am faced with a dilemma…is the seat really a good place to cut weight if I have already shown that it is one of the high stress areas? We’ll see…there is still more data to compile.

Next up was the seatpost, which was 387g. The deal on the seatpost is…will I save the same amount of weight spending big dollars for a swanky post, or should I just saw off the zillion miles of unused post that sits down in the frame…I mean, not enough to make it dangerous, but enough to cut off the same amount of weight. Umm, I think I’ll side with an aftermarket post on this one, if anything.

While I was out in Ye Ol New Workshop, I figured I might as well weight a tube, so I could mull over how worth it would be to swap them with some thin latex jobbies. The tube was 201g.

I wanted to weight a tire as well, but the scale doesn’t go up that high. So I called it a night.
Now it is time for new part weight data acquisition. I should have a comparison between the weight now, and what the parts I’d like to upgrade to pretty soon. At that point we can see if it is worth the loot$tack.


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